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Best Candles for Home Quarantine

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

While I'm blessed to be home to #staysafe having fresh air has become a simple joy that I know I definitely took for granted pre-quarantine. In NoVA, although Spring is officially here, Mother Nature hasn't quite gotten the memo. So while the days are sunny opening a window for fresh air isn't always an option because the air is still chilly. The next best thing is creating a fresh atmosphere with candles! I've always loved burning candles in my home so I'm sharing some of my favorite picks to bring freshness to your indoor sanctuary.

While Target carries a few brands of candles with a plethora of different scents walking down that aisle can be overwhelming but I've narrowed it down to a few and this one from Threshold is my favorite. Christmas is my favorite holiday and the smell of pine always sets the atmosphere during that time of year. This candle incorporates the scent of pine in a way that is not overpowering and brings a fresh outdoor atmosphere to your living space. I also love the stylish wide, frosted glass container that can seamlessly blend in with any décor style.

There is nothing more fresh air and breezy than the spray of the ocean on a perfect summer day and that's what this candle reminds me of. Made of 100% soy wax or soy wax blend, the candles are inspired by the California coast and will give your home a cheerful atmosphere. You can also use the tops of the containers as coasters! I usually pick these up at HomeGoods but since my beloved store is closed, I can find my favorite Sand + Fog candles here.

A friend of mine, Tony Rouse, has a luxury goods brand and the God candle is one of my favorites. The scent is fresh mist and amber. The candles come in different sizes and I like the smaller tin to brighten the air in smaller spaces the don't normally get fresh air like a bathroom.

I received one of these candles as a gift for my housewarming and I loved the thoughtfulness of bringing a little "Georgia" into my home and the scent is down home Southern sweetness. The scent is subtly fruity like peaches and floral like magnolia which makes for a perfect combination to add a little scent texture to the atmosphere of your living space.

If you prefer stronger fragrances, this candle is a floral musk scent that feels really warm and inviting.

I've also linked some information about choosing different types of wax candles so that when burning candles you understand the effect on your air quality (which is a must for me in an older home that has less ventilation).

Candles are not a substitute for getting outside and enjoying the fresh air and smells of Spring but they definitely help create a fresh atmosphere in your home during and even after quarantine. Enjoy and stay safe!

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