Murals of Lincolnton, NC

I must profess that outside of Charlotte and Fayetteville (where I grew up a small portion of my life at Fort Bragg), I haven't explored much of North Carolina besides the many times I drove across the state traveling from Atlanta to Washington, D.C. when visiting home from law school (approximately 650 miles or 9-10 hours if you're wondering). So recently spending time with my sister near Lincolnton was a welcome activity to go outside the norm and explore this town about 35 miles from Charlotte. The murals are nostalgic and feature iconic trademarks as well as historical aspects of the city.

Casual outfit details here.

Most of the murals are located in the downtown Lincolnton which is a charming Southern square and easily walkable.


Several of Lincolnton's murals are along the Marcia H. Cloninger Rail Trail which is along the Carolina Thread Trail, a regional network of trails across two states.

Can you spot all of the famous faces in this mural train car?

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Do you ever go off the beaten path when visiting larger cities? Let me know and drop your experience below!


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