Tips To Breathing Better While Wearing a Face Mask

While wearing a face mask has become a part of all of our lives however, getting used to actually wearing a face mask may be another story. When I first started wearing face masks, my face would feel hot and flushed and I would start to sweat around my temples if wearing for an extended period of time. Since this is going to be a part my daily routine for the foreseeable future, I knew I would have to learn ways to feel comfortable wearing a face mask. I'm sharing my tips on better breathing while wearing a face mask so you can stay safe and be comfortable while doing so!

Focus your breathing

Regardless of the situation, having anything covering your breathing passages is going to cause your breathing to become faster and more stressed. With the addition of other stressors like the heat of the summer, the possibility of catching an infectious disease, etc., wearing a face mask does not make for an ideal breathing situation. You can focus your breathing when wearing a face mask by simply relaxing and breathing normally. You can do this by focusing on whatever task you have at hand or simply taking a moment to breathe in and out through your nostrils in a slow and controlled manner.

Refresh your mask

Having a calming scent inside of your masks can assist with relaxing your breathing while you're wearing a face mask. It's like a walking spa experience!

I frequently use STILL which also sanitizes your mask. STILL contains essential oils that create a calming effect. It's also my favorite sanitizer for my hands because it doesn't have a strong alcohol smell; it's small enough to carry in my every day bag; and I like the stylish luxe look of the bottle.

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I recommend sparingly spraying your mask from a distance allowing it to dry before directly wearing.

Other simple ways to refresh your masks are using a drop of essential oil in your cloth masks, using a lavender scented dryer cloth after washing your masks, or storing your masks in a drawer or bag with a scented sachet.

Wear a Stylish Mask

I normally prefer to wear disposable masks because the ease of having a fresh mask but I've also gotten into stylish face masks that show a little personality and expression (especially since half of my face is covered). Wearing a mask that makes you feel good can also help you breathe in a more relaxed manner when wearing!

These are some of my local favorites and others you can shop! And you find my mask chain here!

Old Navy D, Maran Designs Tulusa

Continue to stay safe!


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