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At Home Date Night Ideas #datenightin

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

My love language is "quality time" which means I largely enjoy sharing quality conversation and quality activities with my romantic partner. Being unexpectedly quarantined has been a gift for me because I'm getting all the quality time I can handle. However, I prefer my date nights and quality time outside of the house and since we can't physically go places for date nights, my fiancé and I have been getting creative on how to spend time together at home. It's been a fun experience in getting to know each other better! Here's some fun #datenightin ideas (they can even be experienced alone or with family and friends)!

Outfit details here

Sip and Paint

I have to give it up to my man for coming up with this one! Set up some fun drinks, easy snacks, and your TV or computer and paint together! This was really fun and unique and helped us discover that he is the way better painter than me.

We used materials from Michael's which offers store pickup and safe delivery options.

#stayhome concert

Besides the fact that your favorite artist is probably playing your song from the comfort of their home on a Instagram live there are so many virtual options to hear some great music!

Set up your TV, some mood lighting, and check out Sofar for performances from upcoming artists to discover new music together. Or if you want to party and debate about some great music by watching Verzuz together. We even viewed an old Michael Jackson concert and danced like the 80s babies we are.

At Home Spa

For my quarantine birthday this year, my fiancé set up an at home spa experience and it was very nice and relaxing especially being in the place that makes me feel most comfortable and relaxed - my home! A great intimate activity to do with your significant other by merely sitting in your robes together with sheet masks, essential oils for hand and feet massages, and zoning out to calming music while drinking mimosa or sipping spa water. I recommend the Calm Meditation station on Pandora to set the spa mood.

Intimate Dinner Experience

Elevate your takeout or home cooked meal by dressing the date night part, setting the table, lighting some candles, and playing some background intimately-inspired music that I've curated for you at the link below. Setting the table and dressing up definitely brought me back to anticipating an evening out and my honey even met me the door which was a sweet touch. And you don't feel like folks are staring at you when you want to steal a kiss across the table:) This is also a great time to support your favorite restaurant or try a new restaurant you haven't physically visited. My picks below for restaurants with great takeout menu options and 1/2 bottles of wine and cocktails!

Curated playlist here on Apple Music (you can find me @sharpandsoundstyle)

Have you tried any new activities for #datenightin? Share below or let me know how if you try any of my picks!

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