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Your Guide for Black-Owned Alexandria Restaurants and More!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

During Black History Month this year, I visited several black-owned establishments to celebrate and support Black citizenry and entrepreneurship in Alexandria! Here, I will be highlighting Black-owned businesses in Alexandria!


The Rub Chicken & Beer and Hen Quarter (one of the best brunches in Alexandria!)


Allure Hair Loft (Men's Grooming)


Donna Lewis USA (clothing/accessories)

Threadleaf (clothing/accessories)

Envy Us Beauty Supply (beauty products)

Confetti Teepees (Event Planning)

Dexterous Organizing (Organization Services)

I encourage those who visit or live in Alexandria to explore and patronize establishments that are minority-owned by fellow residents. Enjoy!

If there are any other Black-owned establishments in Alexandria, please share below!

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